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Earlier this month, we had an opportunity to travel around Nagasaki for location scouting. During this time, we updated information about Nagasaki and would like to introduce some of our recommended locations for filming.

About Nagasaki

Map of Nagasaki Prefecture

Nagasaki is a prefecture located in the Kyushu region in south-west Japan. It is a very scenic place, known for having the most islands of Japan's 47 prefectures. It is also a place with very deep connections to the overseas world. Dejima in Nagasaki was the only place in Japan where trade with Europe was permitted during the Middle Ages, and many hidden Christians even during the time of the prohibition of Christianity existed in the prefecture.

From Tokyo Haneda Airport to Nagasaki Airport: 1 hour and 30 minutes.



Dejima is Japan's first artificial island, built in Nagasaki in 1634 as part of the Edo Shogunate's foreign policy. At the time, trade with other countries was restricted in Japan, and Dejima was the only place where trade with Portugal and the Netherlands took place. Only trade with those two countries was admitted. After the isolation policy of Japan ended, historical buildings there were once lost, but after the Second World War those buildings were restored and today you can enjoy the streets back then.

Located in the centre of Nagasaki City. It is a 6-minute drive from Nagasaki Station.

(Contact Information for Filming)
Dejima General Information Centre
Tel: +81 95-821-7200
Applications must be submitted at least one week before the planned date of filming, as screening is required.

Shimabara Peninsula

Mount Unzen

This is a peninsula in  the south-east of Nagasaki prefecture.Peninsula in the south-east of Nagasaki. It is home to the Mount Unzen Volcano, which has erupted three times since recorded history, and is listed as a UNESCO Global Geoparks site because of its continually changing geography. Climbing Mount Unzen, where lava and other evidence of volcanic activity can be seen, is a very popular activity. 
Thanks to the volcanic activity, there are many hot springs which attract many tourists with its good quality milky water. 

The Shimeiso Spring Water Garden

The Shimeiso Spring Water Garden in Shimabara city is also recommended as a shooting spot, Doctor’s villa and built around 1900 and spring water are combined.

Mount Unzen: About 1 hour by car from Nagasaki Airport by car.
Shimabara City: About 1 hour 20 minutes from Nagasaki Airport by car.

(Contact Information for Filming)
For Mount Unzen: Unzen City Public Relations Promotion Division
Tel: +81 957 38 3111 
Fax: +81 957 38 3514
For Shimabara City: Shimabara City Promotion Division
Tel: +81 957 61 1652
Fax: +81 957 62 8115
E-mail: promo@city.shimabara.lg.jp

Nagasaki Bio Park

Nagasaki Bio Park

Nagasaki Bio Park is a zoo located between Nagasaki and Sasebo. The main appeal is the close proximity of the animals, which allows visitors to interact with and feed most of them. Visitors can experience feeding many animals, from capybaras to black lemurs, squirrel monkeys and giant kangaroos.

The most popular event is the hippo watermelon time. You can watch the hippos chomp down on watermelons with a powerful sound. Depending on the time of year, but during the holiday season there may be two sessions, at 11:30am and 3:30pm.

About 1 hour 15 minutes by car from Nagasaki Airport.
(Contact Information for Filming)
Tel: +81 959 27 1090

Takashima Island

A beach in Takashima Island where you can enjoy snorkelling.

When you think of snorkelling in Japan, you might imagine Okinawa, but here in Nagasaki Prefecture there is another great spot, Takashima Island. This island can be reached in just 35 minutes from Nagasaki City by ferry. In the clear coral reef waters, you can see many fish such as clownfish and blue devil.

35 minutes by ferry from Nagasaki Port.

(Contact Information for Filming)
Tel: +81 95 896 3510
Email: takashima.bt@joy.ocn.ne.jp

This time we had the opportunity to go location scouting in Nagasaki, so we have introduced some of the recommended shooting locations we visited during our trip. We will continue to share the information we have gained from our filming and location scouting trips in the future.

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