We helped with the feature story of a Singaporean TV network, CNA (Channel News Asia) Money Mind, about Inflation in Japan and it was aire last week. We firstly interviewed Ms. Shirai, Advisor for Sustainable Policies of Asian Development Bank Instutute and her opinion on the outlook of Japan's economy.

Ms. Shirai

We also interview Mr. Ohama, au ordinal citizen in Japan trying to cope up with the inflation in Japan, and capture a glimpse of his everyday life.

Mr. Ohama

I'm not sure if Japan is in inflation and if people are struggling with it...
Maybe so… but Mr. Ohama is coping with the price hike with an enjoyable solution. Cooking bentos for his lunch and dinner. It doesn't only benefit him by cutting his food expenditure, but also by keeping him healthy and improving his cooking skill!

Please watch the entire video!

How Food Prep Saved Me From Having To Get A Second Job | Money Mind | Japan

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