January 2024

Filming around Japan
Gunma Part 2: Water, gift from the mountains

Why is water abundant in Gunma? In the previous article, we explained the mountains that represent Gunma Prefecture, and in this post we would like to introduce the abundant gifts of water nurtured by these mountains. Thanks to the steep mountains and forests that cover two-thirds of the prefecture's land, there are abundant sources of […]

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CueRio helped the coverage of Straits Times about Ishikawa Eathquakes

CueRio's member Rio Mimaki accompanied Mr Walter Sim, correspondent of the Straits Times, a Singaporean newspaper, into the area to report on the earthquake that struck Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, on 1 January. Rio participated as the Fixer and Videographer this time. By today, the video and article of this Trip have been published and we […]

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