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About CueRio's services

What are CueRio's rates?

For filming and location scouting per day charge applies, and for research per hour charge applies. The rate fluctuates depending on the exchange rate and other factors, so please see the following page for more information.

Does CueRio have a cancellation policy?

The policy differs between on-site filming and location scouting and research.
On-site filming and location scouting:.
10 days before the start of the project, no cancellation fee will be charged.
20% from 9 to 5 days before.
50% from 5 to 2 days before.
100% the day before.
Research: Research is not charged before it has started. Once the research has started, you will be charged for the work completed, even if you cancel in the middle of a research.

Can I ask you to film in Japan and send me the files?

Yes, this is possible as CueRio has a remote option. We can organise a small crew of CueRio staff or a larger crew with a videographer and audio engineer from a partner production company. The filmed material will be sent to you through the internet.
For more information, please see the following page.

Do you offer post-production support?

We can provide anything from translation to footage permissions and additional research.  Per hour charge applies for post-production support.

Does CueRio offer support in languages other than English?

Yes. For example, Rio Mimaki, our representative, is fluent in Spanish as well as English. We have other members who are fluent in multiple languages besides English.

Can CueRio arrange transportation within Japan?

You can rely on CueRio for your transportation within Japan. From domestic flights to bullet trains and vehicles, everything can be arranged by CueRio. You only need to prepare the flight to Japan.

How can I pay you? If in cash, can I pay in currencies other than Japanese yen?

You can also pay in cash in USD or EURO. You can also pay by bank transfer or PayPal. We have to ask you to cover for any remittance or exchange fees.

Is it possible to have a videographer or audio engineer in Japan?

Yes. We are partnered with a number of filming companies in side and outside of Tokyo.
If you are filming outside of Tokyo, it is possible to work with a local crew to keep transportation costs down.

Is it possible to prepare the equipment needed for filming in Japan?

There are many equipment rental companies in Tokyo and it is possible to hire almost all kinds of equipment. In particular, the Tokyo Offline Centre, which we often use, is inexpensive and can rent a wide range of equipment for even short periods of time. On a smaller scale, CueRio also has its own equipment.

Is it possible to arrange vehicles for us?

As we have partnered vehicle companies, a variety of vehicle types can be arranged. For more information, please see the following page.

Can CueRio book a hotel for us?

CueRio can make the hotel arrangements for you. We will book the hotels that we recommend depending on your budget and convenience.

Can CueRio operate outside Tokyo?

Yes, we can come to any location outside of Tokyo, anywhere in Japan, to assist with your filming. We can also travel outside Japan if required. We will only charge you for transport costs and travel days incurred.

Can CueRio work outside Japan?

We can offer our services outside Japan if you require Japanese and English bilingual support. We have worked in many countries such as the USA, Jamaica, Spain, etc.

About filming in Japan

Are there any recommended locations in Tokyo for filming?

If you want to shoot in a traditional Japanese atmosphere, we recommend the Asakusa and Yanaka areas. CueRio knows many other recommended locations, so please feel free to ask us about tips.

Is it possible to rent a studio in Tokyo for filming?

Yes, there is a wide variety of studios in Tokyo, ranging from large studios used for TV dramas to smaller studios that can be used at a lower cost. CueRio will find the best studio to suit your needs and preferences.

Do I need to go on location scouting before the shoot?

For smaller shoots, you may shoot without location scouting. However, if you can afford it, we recommend that you do location scouting in advance. This is because you will be able to meet the local people and the filming will go smoothly. If it is difficult to come to Japan, CueRio staff can go to the location and do it for you. We can connect with you Live via Zoom or something, or report back to you afterwards via email.

Is it possible to film drones in Japan?

There are many restrictions on drone flying in Japan. There are licences for operating drones in Japan, and in some areas, such as urban areas, flying drones is prohibited. We are partnered with licensed operators, so please don't worry about it.
For more information, see the following pages.

Do I need a permit to film in Japan?

If you want to film officially on the streets of Japan, you must go to the local police station and apply for a road-use permit. It depends on the scale of the filming and the response of the police station, but it is expected to take anywhere from a few days to a week. Small transaction fee will be charged. For more information, see the following pages.

Can I get permission to film on public transport?

Obtaining filming permission at a JR line is pretty difficult. So if you wish to film on trains or in stations, we recommend that you film on private railways rather than JR lines.
For more information, see the following pages.

General information about Japan

What is the typical tipping amount in Japan?

There is no tipping culture in Japan, so basically you don't need to tip. Instead, a small plate of snacks called 'Otōshi' may be served almost mandatorily at izakaya (Japanese style pubs) and the cost of this is included in the bill.

What percentage is the consumption tax in Japan?

The current consumption tax in Japan is 10% (8% only on groceries eaten at home). As it is basically an external tax, it is common for consumption tax to be added to the initial price when arranging vehicles or equipment.


If you are interested in filming in Japan, please feel free to drop us a line here.