Pre Production

Research Process
Please contact CueRio if you think you might want to film in Japan. We will work it out with you and together we can make a concrete and viable filming plan. If you already have some plans and need more information, we will conduct intensive research in Japanese and strengthen your project. Please email or call us, then we can discuss through Zoom or Google Meet.

Location / Interview Permission
- Appointments for interviews -
If you would like to interview individuals or organisations in Japan, we will contact them and make appointments with them. We will ask them questions beforehand so the actual interview goes smoothly.
- Permission at filming locations -
Rules about filming in Japan may be complicated. We will do our best to get permission from organisations and facilities etc. In some cases, you may need to get permission from the police to film in the street, but we can organise that as well. We are experienced in obtaining all types of permission regarding filming.

Pre Arrangement
- Accommodation -
We have a list of recommended hotels in various cities so we can book them depending on your preference and budget.
- Transportation -
We have partnerships with various location vehicle companies around Japan, and we can prepare location vehicles such as Toyota Hiace and Minibuses.
We can also arrange other domestic transportation such as flights within Japan and bullet trains to optimise your schedule.
Please just arrange the airplane tickets to Japan. We will prepare the rest of the arrangements.

Location Scouting

On the Ground Location Scouting
Before actual filming, you can come over to Japan to scout actual filming locations, and CueRio will accompany you to get all the groundwork settled. CueRio will drive for you and show you different locations, so you can cut the cost.

Remote Location Scouting
If you are not able to come over to Japan, we can visit locations and do further research instead of you. We can report back all the information gathered or we could do this process simultaneously through technologies such as Zoom and Google Meet.


Under the current circumstances of Covid-19 and thanks to the evolution of technologies, you can choose between actually coming to Japan or filming remotely using the CueRio crew.

Option1: Come to Japan and film with CueRio staff
CueRio guides you through Japan to make your shooting experience as comfortable as possible. Our main task is providing language support to connect the crew and the local people. Our experienced staff can nullify the boundary of language and cultural differences. However, our assistance is not limited to language support but we will do everything to make filming as smooth as possible.

Option2: Remote filming
Indeed, you may not need to come to Japan to film. We can shoot for you and send filmed materials to you. Here you can also have different options.
- Solo filming by a CueRio staff -
If you would like to conduct a single interview or the budget is limited an experienced CueRio staff can handle a small-scale shooting alone.
- Filming by CueRio and our associated filming production team -
CueRio has a partnership with acclaimed productions companies specialized in the technical aspects of filming. We will form a crew together and deliver you the best pieces.

Post Production

Our extensive support is not finished there. We can provide the following post-production assistance.
- Translation of clips from Japanese to English.
- License clearance from Japanese TV or other Japanese rightsholders.
- Follow-up research in Japanese.

If you are planning to film in Japan, just contact CueRio before anything else.
Pre Production Support
We will help you to consolidate your filming plan, then undertake any required research and prepare to ensure everything is ready prior to location scouting or filming.
Location Scouting
CueRio staff will escort you to show you potential places around japan for location scouting.
Remote Location Scouting option
CueRio staff will visit places and conduct location scouting on your behalf. We can also provide virtual location scouting with technology such as Zoom or Google Meet.
Highly-experienced and proactive CueRio staff will support your filming.
Remote Filming option
A simple interview can be filmed by CueRio staff. In case of a larger project we can form a crew with our partner production company. We promise you to send you high quality content once the filming is completed.
Post Production support
We will support all post production including translation of clips, license, copyright clearance and so on.


If you are interested in filming in Japan, please feel free to drop us a line here.